Our 2023 conference has concluded… Watch for details in the future for our 2024 conference.

In a world that continues to rage against God, it does not always look like there is good news. Yet the Bible emphatically and unmistakably declares to all rebels everywhere: Repent, turn in faith to His Son, Jesus the Christ, and receive forgiveness of sins and adoption as sons of the King and lives will be changed for good by God’s grace.

Join us October 6-7 at Pueblo West Baptist Church as we consider the sweet and solid depths of the Gospel of God. We’ll consider the necessity of continuing to proclaim the Gospel amidst the raging as well as consider God’s Gospel and its implications in marriage, the family and the workplace. Expositional preaching, theologically-rich hymn singing, sweet fellowship among Christ’s people. 
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GraceAloneColorado exists to encourage God’s people in the timeless truths of the Christian faith. It is our goal to remind and stir up local churches and individual believers to faithfully, clearly proclaim what does not change: The Sovereignty of God, the Supremacy and Perfections of the Person and Work of His Son, Jesus Christ, and the Sufficiency of His Spirit-Wrought Scriptures.

GraceAloneColorado is a conference ministry of Pueblo West Baptist Church, Pueblo West, CO.

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